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About Us

About IT IS Consultancy

About Us

We are a team of professional business growth expert for your business

IT IS Consultancy, a sister company of 10XG Ventures, is a Business Development SAAS Company where we offer “E2E Integrated sales and marketing Solutions” aimed to provide accelerated business growth to our clients. 

We are a team of business growth experts that helps clients plan, organize, and optimize sales and marketing. No matter your industry, size or business size, we help our clients achieve their goals by providing customized integrated sales-marketing solutions.

Our goal is for you to get more quality leads and high conversions with integrated sales and marketing. We want you to make the most out of the possibilities offered by our solutions

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IT IS Consultancy

Sheebaa Ali

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About IT IS Consultancy

Our Core Values

Our goal is to work with our clients to improve their productivity and profitability by improving their business processes, people skills and right technology implementation.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to help our clients achieve their business goals by providing customized integrated sales-marketing solutions.

Our Vision

We work with our clients as their extended Business Growth team to grow their business to full potential.

Our Values

100% commitment to our customers to provide innovative growth solutions by keeping ourselves abreast with the trends, changing environment and technologies. 

We strive for excellence each day!

Our Story

We started our journey with a dream. For over a decade we were thinking to board the entrepreneur bandwagon. Our idea was to collaborate with industry experts to provide business growth solutions to clients to improve their profitability.

We conducted a market research across 5 cities of India and findings were interesting. Issues faced by majority of the companies were gaps in business process, cash crunch, lack of trained sales staff, lack of knowledge on technologies, etc. 

This was the starting point of our entrepreneurial journey. We developed a business growth model by aligning people, processes  and technology to make a business venture profitable. Our company was launched in beginning of 2020. After 2 months we were all hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. It had badly hit all the businesses. By the mid 2020 business owners had started exploring the online world. The need for technology adoption specially for sales and marketing gave us a breakthrough in the business world. 

Today we work with our clients to help them align and improve their People, Process, and technology to automate their business operations and be ready to grow in this changing world.

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Why Choose Us

Experienced Global Business Growth team

With over 3 decades of hands on experience in sales, marketing, business development, and technology gives us an edge over others as we understand the business problems and quickly design and execute solutions.

Our team consists of experts to provide our clients end-2-end sales and marketing solutions specific to their business problems.

Research Driven Solutions

We focus on research and analysis in order to find the company’s strengths, weaknesses, and to help improve or develop areas of optimal performance.

Integrated Growth Solutions

Our team works with the different departments to the company to design integrated sales and marketing solution. It improves customer experience to 3X.

Customer-centric Solutions

We develop every solution  carefully with the Customer in the centre. To understand the buyer’s persona, their journey and to help them make informed decisions, we nurture and engage customers.

Measurable Growth Solutions

Our solutions are measurable. Our defined KPIs help in evaluating the effectiveness of sales and marketing spent. Our key metrics are return on investment, customer spent value, conversion rate, customer happiness score, and customer churn.

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Data driven marketing

Our Clients

Our Team

Meet our valued team members

Sheebaa Ali

Sheebaa Ali

Founder & MarTech Consultant
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Ravi Mukundan

Ravi Mukundan

Co-founder & Business Consultant
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Adam Hyder

Adam Hyder

Chief Business Advisor
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S. M. Ali

S. M. Ali

Chief Architect
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Ready to grow your business?

IT IS Consultancy, a sister company of 10XG Ventures, aims to provide accelerated business growth to our clients.


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