Building Your Personal Brand

Selective focus notebook written you are your own brand with pen,mini globe and magnifying glass.

Personal branding is about making yourself stand out from the audience. This is a procedure where you set a reputation that is independent of you and/or your company. In private branding, you are essentially building a brand that is different from your competition and/or the overall public. It is this reputation that others perceive about you and your company that drives earnings. In this blog I will highlight some of the points about personal branding.

Why is Executive Presence Crucial?

Checking up presence

As of today, the ability of a leader to inspire trust, lead effectively, and motivate team members are core competencies for any organization. This includes small startups as well as established corporations. In fact, many executives lose their jobs because they don’t have enough presence to lead their business forward. If you’re one of them… Don’t worry! You still have a chance! Let us tell you why…