Why Businesses should know about MarTech

Importance of MarTech

With marketing and technology, the world feels like it’s moving at a million miles an hour. There are so many types of marketing technologies out there and they’re all changing so fast that keeping up with them and understanding where the industry is headed can be a challenge. And that’s why this blog post is here to help.

B2B Business Strategies to Watch out in 2022

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B2B marketing is a critical task for businesses of all types. The best way to have a successful B2B marketing plan is to have a B2B marketing plan. When people say that marketing plans are dead, it’s essentially a commentary on how little value is placed on marketing plans. The only way for your business to have a successful B2B marketing plan is to make one. That means having a solid strategy, and being able to execute it consistently. What’s important is that you don’t forget about your plan once you start executing it.

Business Uncertainties in 2021

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Business Uncertainties in 2021 focuses on the best way to conquer business uncertainties of the future. It is composed by Peter Thiel, bestselling author and futurist. Inside this book, he supplies eleven steps for addressing the problems of business later on. In his study he notes that company is a process of learning and as such there’ll be new improvements in technology each year.

Decoding “Rethinking strategy for the post-pandemic environment”

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From mid-2020 onwards we have been hearing about ‘The New Normal’ which has been embraced by the entire world. It has impacted our thinking, lifestyle and behaviors which has direct impacted the market. It has stumped the businesses resulting in high percentage of companies going out of business. What was working pre-pandemic is redundant in today’s business environment. Seeing all these changes compelled me to explore the ways to combat the new normal to bounce back.